Importance Of International Trade

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International trade is the interchange of goods and services that happens between two or more countries. Trade is something important to our global economy and consumers because it can provide goods and services for the consumers that aren’t available to a country. The imports are the products that were bought from the global market and exports are the ones that are sold to the global market. Also, international trade allowed rich countries to use their resources more efficiently. A country can also use specialization which that means a country that isn’t efficient on producing a specific item, can secure the item by trading with another country that is able for that product. According to NAFTA, the two largest trading partners for the USA are Mexico and Canada. Also, NAFTA has been giving the help to companies of every size to export their services and goods. Furthermore, trading with Canada and Mexico has given more than 14 million jobs to all Americans and produced $1.3 trillion of goods and services. American economy can’t do without the intranational trade because it provides jobs. Imports are beneficial for the USA because it affects American families. It reduces prices and have a better variety of goods. The one fourth of the food on U.S. is known as "noncompetitive", by USDA, so that means that the food isn't produced in the USA territory. Goods that are more possible to be imported have qualified falling movements in prices, equated to goods
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