Importance Of It General Controls For Information Security

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The importance of IT General Controls for Information Security

Edlira Martiri1, Enkeleda Ibrahimi2
1University of Tirana, Albania / Gjøvik University, Norway
2PwC Albania,


In the days when the most important asset for a company is its information, knowing how to se-cure it is an important achievement. But hackers and competitors are not the only enemies a company should take into consideration. Now more damage is done from the employees of the company and it is difficult to implement security techniques regarding this. Implementing a framework of Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs) is the best way to ensure that the IT Environment is under control. In this paper we are going to present a framework appro-priate for Albanian companies and explain why now this is a must for all business and non-business organizations. The main focus will be in four key processes which this framework will cover:

Keywords: ITGCs, security, information systems, governance.

1. Introduction

The important role of technology for companies has created needs for its management in ways and especially in the more secure. Now all the crucial company information of any type is in information systems. In general, information systems are managed by IT Specialists in the role of administrators, technical staff and managers. In the overall management processes of these companies, the work control of the IT Specialists has…
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