Importance Of Knowledge, Technical And Propositional

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The dictionary definition of knowledge is, “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.” So, how does one know the difference between a belief or statement being true and just being known to be true? The way to figure this out is through knowledge. There are two types of knowledge, technical and propositional. Technical knowledge is speaking in terms of skills and propositional knowledge is the kind of knowledge one has when they claim something to be true or false. Propositional knowledge is thought along with a priori and a posteriori knowledge. A priori is knowledge obtained without the use of experience (the senses); knowledge obtained…show more content…
If you invite a friend over to your house and hear a knocking at the door, you may think it 's your friend knocking. You have a reason to believe this because they were just invited (you 're justified).
Truth is a little trickier. For you to know something, it must be true. The person knocking on your door may not be your friend, but a neighbor stopping by unannounced. You think it 's your friend (and are justified in thinking so) but it isn 't true, it 's your neighbor. If, on the other hand, it is your friend, then you are one step closer to having knowledge.
Belief is the hard part. You have to believe that something is true for you to have knowledge of it. Let 's say you invited your favorite celebrity to your house and hear a knocking at the door. You might think it is the celebrity and have a reason to accept this thought because they said they would indeed show up. It may actually be that celebrity knocking at your door as well. However, if you don 't believe it 's them (because it seems so unlikely they would actually show), even if you want to believe, if you actually don 't, then you lack belief and therefore lack knowledge. However, if you really believe it 's them, you have justified, true, belief. You KNOW it 's them. Of course, you may believe it, but if it 's not actually the celebrity, then it isn 't true that they are there. You are justified in thinking it 's them, you have real belief that it 's them, but it 's

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