Importance Of Land Surveying And How It Has Changed Over Time

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GIS 314 Final Project
Nick Winecoff
Land Surveying
This project discusses the importance of land surveying and how it has changed over time. It takes a look at the Metes and Bounds system, the Congressional/Jeffersonian system, and offshore system. Each of these systems has changed over time and is still important to the development of land surveying. This project also discusses how data is used to create land-surveying maps and where to find data. This project analyzes the data that is used with land surveying and has two maps to show how the data can be used to create maps. Review of Topic Land surveying has been around a long time and has had a lot of history over the years. The first system of land surveying to be used in the United States was the Metes and Bounds system. This system was used in Europe, so when the colonists traveled to the new land they used the Metes and Bounds system like they had in Europe for land surveying in the thirteen colonies. Other states that use the Metes and Bounds system are Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and West Virginia. The Metes and Bounds system is relatively simple because it is composed of landmarks such as rivers, rocks, or trees that are used to determine land plots or space. A landmark is used to represent the beginning of the land area and a second landmark is used to determine where the plot of land ends. These landmarks can also create angles for these border lines based on their
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