Importance Of Leadership

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Often times when you hear the word “leader” a variety of images come to mind. Maybe you picture an explorer cutting a path through a jungle, or a politician giving a speech to thousands of individuals. Many of us do not realize the leader inside of us until required to step up to the position. Leading a group is something that I have never truly felt comfortable enough to do. I typically find myself wanting to sit back and help others while going unnoticed. Being selected as a Yearbook editor was never something that I expected of myself when applying for one of the 28 Yearbook positions during my sophomore year. What started as a way to explore my slight interest in graphic design has grown to become an experience that has helped me to…show more content…
We later were able to look at a document of the editor positions for which we had been recommended by our peers. I had also been recommended as Senior Editor, Underclassmen Editor, and Graphics Editor. My classmates saw the potential that I had not recognized in myself.
Going in to senior year with 3 Advanced Placement classes, a job, and involvement in multiple clubs, I knew that Yearbook would have to remain one of my top priorities. Along with my Editor position, I also am a member of the senior staff, faculty staff, and am one of the main photographers. Although I have not yet had the chance to start working on my index section, I have spent countless hours in the yearbook room providing create assistant to my classmates with their graphic layouts, another skill for with others have recognized my abilities.
I believe that my role most nearly relates to the quote by Warren Bennis, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Leadership is instilled in my personality. Although I do not always recognize it, I work behind the scenes to ensure that the results are nothing less than exceptional. I may not have the most important position on the yearbook staff, but I have come to realize that taking on this position has brought me to my full potential as a leader. I have grown to speak my mind in controversial situations and help fill the voids of talent
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