Importance Of Learning Mathematics Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Mathematics is the one of the most important subjects in our daily life and in most human activities the knowledge of mathematics is important. In the rapidly changing world and in the era of technology, mathematics plays an essential role. To understand the mechanized world and match with the newly developing information technology knowledge in mathematics is vital. Mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Without the knowledge of mathematics, nothing is possible in the world. The world cannot progress without mathematics. Mathematics fulfills most of the human needs related to diverse aspects of everyday life. Mathematics has been accepted as significant element of formal education from ancient period to the present day. Mathematics has a very important role in the classroom not only because of the relevance of the syllabus material, but because of the reasoning processes the student can develop.
The quality of teaching and learning in mathematics is a key challenge for teachers. It is important for teachers to adopt instructional design techniques to achieve higher accomplishment in mathematics (Rasmussen & Marrongelle, 2006). Instructional design alone cannot produce better learning and achievement. The instructional designer must know critical factors that influence student learning and build a bridge between goals and student performance. Identifying these factors will help to utilize limited resources including financial resources and time more

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