Importance Of Library Services In The 21st Century

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Accessing library services in the 21st Century?
In the 21st century, collections and services will need to meet customer's needs in a much more personalized and customized way. Collections will need to become more diverse, in terms of format, language, and access. Librarians will need to have knowledge of new formats for library materials, and plan to use their funds in purchasing materials that will meet and promote various skills. Customers will want library materials that use their critical thinking and problem solving skills, promote creativity and innovation, allow for communication and collaboration, and teach information, media and technology skills. Library materials, that are accessible 24/7, in a range of cutting edge formats, that promote and support learning and using new skill sets, will be the norm. Library services, like library materials, will need to be accessible 24/7 in a 21st Century library. Librarians will need to think about services as customer-centered and focused. Reference services in the 21st century will not be based on the librarian's knowledge and access to information, but the customer's starting point. 21st century customers are coming to librarians, not for answers to questions, but for new access points, or new skill sets. Children's and Teen services will need to incorporate skills for the 21st Century, including critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, information and technological literacy. The expectation will be that library
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