Importance Of Lifespan Psychology In Nursing

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Developmental psychologists study changes in Lifespan Development that apply intermediately to health care. Lifespan Developmental psychology is the focus on human growth and changes across the lifespan, and how and why human beings change over the course of their life (Santrock). Nurses in particular are call upon for much more to administer a medicine or do a treatment. There is an important role in understanding the relationship between a patient's medical and psychological needs (Potter & Perry). The reason being that lifespan developmental psychology, is a critical component to the training of every nurse. The nursing fields applies to all areas of Lifespan Development, and nurses work in a setting where they are required to work and interact with other professionals in a effort to bring the best quality of care to their patients. This involves the need for the full understanding how or why a person may behave in any given situation. With the knowledge of psychology nurses will learn to interact with patient all based on different factors such as gender and age. If two patients were undergoing the same procedure, the patient who is younger could be more afraid than the adult ( Difficulties in understanding the true meaning of their illness. Nurses must use this broad range of psychological knowledge in order to relate to younger or older patients, improving the nurse-pt relationship; allowing open interaction in communication informing medical professionals
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