Importance Of Machiavelli's Rules To Rule

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Rules to Rule By: A Study of a Successful Principality

Machiavelli’s The Prince serves as a guidebook for a lasting principality that centers around the ideas of public perception, cruel disposition, and the relationship between virtu and fortuna. Creon, the leader of Thebes in Sophocles’ Antigone, demonstrates harsh character towards his people and a willingness to make hard decisions for the benefit of his state., Creon displays good conduct as a prince because of his relationship with the people of Thebes and the actions he takes to defend his political agenda. According to Machiavelli, the most important resource a prince can have is the support of the people. he feels that a prince who is able maintain a positive relationship between …show more content…

He describes this idea as a prince’s virtu and how he can prepare for unseen circumstances known as fortuna. Furthermore, Machiavelli holds that the prince who possesses a strong virtu and treats fortuna in a bold and forceful manner will find himself in power longer than those who do not. Creon demonstrates his virtu by suppressing Antigone’s rebellion toward his rule by sentencing her to death. Thus, Creon displays how he is able to not only make tough decisions but also protect his reputation as a tough prince. He also satisfies Machiavelli’s principle on cruelty in that he will be quick when following through on Antigone’s sentence and only repeat it if an offense of equal implications arises. On the other hand, Machiavelli asserts that a good prince is able to hold a private council who is not afraid to speak their opinion and only does so at the prince’s approval. Creon shows this when he asks for the opinion of Tiresias in regard to the treatment of Antigone. Even though he disagrees with his opinion at first, what this reveals is that Creon surrounds his council with people who aren’t afraid to challenge him at his asking. This is significant in that Creon chose to avoid flattery which is key according to Machiavelli and instead surrounded himself with people who both speak their

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