Importance Of Marching Band

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What do you think of when you hear “marching band?” Something along the lines of nerd, geek, unpopular, awkward, etc. Why is that so? Movies and TV shows portray students in the marching band as nerds that are socially awkward and are only focused on grades. Marching band is challenging, more so than people think it is. Marching band is often portrayed incorrectly on TV shows and in movies; they are not what most people think they are. Marching band requires dedication, determination, skill, and teamwork.
At Stony Brook University, the marching band is also known as Stony Brook’s “athletic band.” This gives marching band a little of the credit it deserves. Marching band is just as difficult, if not more difficult than some sports. There
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That sounds easy in theory, but there is more to it. Each person is a part of the entire image/figure so if someone is not in the right spot it is obvious. On the field, the marching band has to move in many different directions, forward, backward, left, right, and on the diagonals, while facing forward. They have to make sure they know what they are doing and trust that everyone else knows what they are doing to avoid colliding and hurting each other. Everyone has to be thinking ahead. They have to pay attention, making sure they are stepping off with the right foot and being aware of their horns ensuring they are facing the audience.
Stony Brook University's marching band is the “Spirit of Stony Brook.” What a perfect name for this dedicated and spirited group of students. They are always psyched and proud to be at Stony Brook. They acknowledge that they are Seawolves and embrace it. This characteristic of the Spirit of Stony Brook makes Stony Brook feel like a Big 10 School even when it really is not. They are so energetic especially for the football and basketball games. Whenever the question, “What’s a Seawolf?” is asked the band always responds with “I’m a Seawolf!” and it is so in sync it is breathtaking. The marching band also knows the lyrics to the Stony Brook Fight Song and the alma mater, most students at Stony Brook do not even know that Stony Brook has their own fight
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