Importance Of Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal Plants & Science “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine shall be thy food.” –Hippocrates Every day we are trying to seek and heal the ill and injured is best as possible, including ourselves by nature it’s what we aim for each day. So, can we consider that nature is a healer? The term of medicinal plants includes various types of plants used in Herbalism and some of these plants have a medicinal activity. Plants have been used as medicine for various healing modalities for ages. Everything that plants provide is for the purpose of both preventing and healing imbalances. It can effectively prevent and reduce highly well-known chronic diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Medicinal plants are the “backbone” of traditional medicine, which means more than 3.3 billion people in the less developed countries utilize medicinal plants on a regular basis. The knowledge of their healing properties has been transmitted over the centuries. Plant species are used throughout the globe for various purposes, including treatment of infectious diseases. Most medicines distributed within the pharmaceutical industry are derived from plants. These medicinal plants are considered as rich resources of ingredients, which can be used in drug development and synthesis. For thousands of years, “Alternative Medicine,” has been highly recognized by South-eastern Asian cultures, it focuses on the idea of using the plants for medicinal purpose to treat common
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