Importance Of Mentoring In Nursing

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No one enjoys going to the ER when they are ill or having to spend the night in the hospital for observation, but we never consider what type of mentoring was given to the nurse assisting us. We arrive at the hospital assured that the people giving service has been given the opportunity to have the support and training they need. Yet we know healthcare, healthcare leadership, and healthcare training is constantly evolving. Nursing education is a field where protocols and procedures are taught pretty much the same yet there are no true protocols for mentors that help encourage and support new nurses in developing the confidence they will need to control and conquer challenges.
Research shows nurses need to be developed in two key areas “facilitating students and strengthening students in clinical placement”. (Jokelainen, p. 2860) Facilitating students create a community where nurses are nurtured and supported. Clinical placement ensures nurses are educated and groomed into professionals in their clinical environment. Each area deals with creating an environment where a new nurse is given structure and support throughout their new career. The review of “A Systematic Review of Mentoring Nursing Students in Clinical Placement” aims to focus attention on the relevance of mentorship for veteran nurses to train and assist new nurses during their clinical studies. These studies were performed in European Union countries during the years of 2009-2011. (Jokelainen, p. 2855)
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