Importance Of Mistakes In Life

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My Father Walter Burton, who is also my mentor in life, always told me that, “if you’re going to do something in your life, make sure that you do it with a purpose. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s all about learning from them.” Now, I’m not the most perfect human being on this earth. I don’t think anybody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes that they would wish that they can take back. Including myself for sure. For the 22 years of living, I made a lot of mistakes throughout all these years. Some were little mistakes, and some mistakes were to bare to handle, even for my family. I can live on from a lot of my mistakes, but there is one mistake in my life that I don’t think I can let go for a very long time. And that is getting kicked off…show more content…
We went to high school together for all four years. We went to colonial forge high school. And surprisingly, after we graduated from high school together, Damen and I got recruited at the same school. So eventually, we went to the same school once again. Even when I thought that we were going to have a good time being on the football field together again, I was wrong. Everything just went left in a matter of seconds. This is when I realize that, you have to watch who you keep around your presence. So One day, I was with Damen and we were chilling in his dorm room. Our school was having an “end of the year” event where all of the students come together for food, games, and a lot more fun events. Damen and I were planning on going the event. That is when Damen said, “Look what I got.” then, he ends up showing me this pills. I didn’t know what kind of pills were they at first. He said that pills were called “perks”. I never heard, nor have I ever took a perk in my life. But he said that this pills were harmless. He had 4 in his hand. Two for me, and two for himself. First, I was concerned how this will turn out for me if I took both of these perks at the same time. He told me, “we are going to take both of these right now, so we can be feeling good.” In my head, I was scared. But I still ended up taking both of these perks at the same time. Then as soon as we took those pills, we went to the event. At first, I was feeling fine. I didn’t feel like anything would damage
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