Importance Of Mobile Phones In School

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Phone Essay Did you know that insomnia, confusion, and headaches are produced by the radiation off of your cell phone. I feel like cell phones should not be aloud in school. If students brought their phones to school they would be on themwhen a teacher is teaching, not paying attention to the lesson therefore inception to fail that class. Researchers have found out that if students did not bring their phones to school their grades would begin increasing, moreover their test scores would improve by an average of 6%.The reason I understand why phones should be outlawed from school is they can become a distraction in school, students would desire to cheat, then students would be able to cyberbully during school hours. Cell phones can be a distraction in the classroom. If a student's phone goes off during a lesson it would distract that student along with everyone in the room, thus the lesson being stopped so that student could deal with the phone. Scientists latch on to information that students that bear no phones take more detailed notes, remembered more of the lesson, along with scoring higher on tests. Students would be on their phones playing games, surfing the web, as well as being on social media rather than paying attention to the class. This could lead to the students cheating. Cell phones would begin adding up students’ desire to cheat. If a student had their phone they could search the web for answers to the questions, or they could take answers from certain
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