Importance Of Morale In The Workplace

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The planning steps seem as though it was much easier, during the making of the plan and coming up with strategies in order to meet the goal. However, carrying out the plan may be much more difficult, as employees have to be sworn to secrecy, code names are utilized, and replica buildings are made, thus, creating a tremendous amount of funds being spent to continue excitement and anticipation of potential customers. But, as employees and reporters begin to leak information about the secret, then correction has to take place, within the control cycle. In order to gain and/or keep control, the Apple company has to threaten those who has leaked, or attempted to leak the secret, with a reminder of policies and rules; thus, giving the company …show more content…

I felt that this workplace was as diverse as it could get because the employees consisted of all types of personalities, characteristics, ages between 19 to at least 70 years (from college students to retired citizens), physically challenged (Spina Bifida, legally blind), different races, the homeless (living at the Mission), and more. Little did I know is that I would be dealing with the nation on a daily basis, and I would learn how to communicate with those from other countries, and with other cultures. This process started, simply by taking phone calls to make reservations, and later, as I was promoted to a supervisor and took on the duties of assisting irate customers and solving their complaint issues, I learned that “listening” was the key, but “listening closely” was essential. In dealing with individuals from different places throughout the world, there are many accents that were spoken, but because I couldn’t see body language or a face to pinpoint a nationality or culture, it was very important for me to listening to what the issue was about, hearing the tone of voice, and sometimes seeing the name on the reservation assisted me in understanding how to communicate, while being able to only speak English. As I gained more experience, and saw all the places in the world that the corporation had hotel locations, my curiosity allowed me to go to the library to read about other some of

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