Importance Of My English Education

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Last year I went to Indian Springs. I was a responsible student and respectful student. I always made sure to turn in my work, even if it was a few days late. I would always pay close attention when the teacher was speaking. My English teacher last year was Mrs. Payne. Mrs. Payne was one of my best teachers because she always made sure that you understood what she taught, and helped every time she could. I got all of my credits last year. I need to make up Math 2B. I failed Math 2B in my Sophomore year because I wasn’t paying attention to my teacher. I have an Aeries account and I check it frequently to see if I have missing assignments or to check if my grades are slipping. I have a Gmail, and I can access my Google Drive. I remember all of my passwords. In this class I hope to learn how to do computer programming. My English teacher this year is Mr. Tacchia. I don’t really like English because it can be easy sometimes and also difficult. The hardest thing for me in English is writing essays. Writing essays for gets complicated because it’s hard for me think and write at the same time when it’s something I get directed to do. It’s also hard for me to think of good things to write when I have a time limit. The easiest thing for me in English is reading It’s so simple for me to do. I love to read in my spare time so I believe that I’m a strong reader since I read everyday. I don’t think that I’m a strong writer because I tend to mess up a lot with my punctuation, and I
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