Importance Of My High School Experience

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I feel good about school because I have good grades in all my classes. What shaped my high school experience was shaped by my teachers and my friends. My high school experience is good so far because I made friends that are good friends to me and they help me when I need it. Elementary school was good for me because I did not know much English ,and all my teachers and friends helped me speak English. The factors that shaped me the most as a student are my teachers and family. All the teachers I had all told me that school was important for your life. I had a hard time getting good grades in elementary because I did not know much English and the words I did know I had a strong accent. After some time I have seen my brothers get good…show more content…
She tried her best to teach us in all of the ways in the time she had. There was no teacher that liked science as much as she did. She made the whole class join the science fair because she loved science so much. I did not win the fair, but I learned so much about science that year and it was fun being in her class. 8th grade was the turning point in my education. I had a teacher named Mrs. Nau she was the most experienced teacher I've ever had. She said the most important thing for us is God, she always told us to put God first . She was a very religious person. She told us the work ethic we needed to have to get good grades. One of the most important lessons she taught me was how I need to be consistent with school. She taught me lots of lessons, but the best lesson she ever taught me was how to take notes. Why I believe that was the best lesson she teaches us was because that got my Cs to BS,and my BS to As. She changed my way of looking at school, she was the best teacher I had. I came in high school with all the confidence in the world because of all the lessons I learned from my teachers, friends, and my family. All my teachers told me that high school was not a joke and it determines whether you go to college or not. High school is different than any school i've been to everything is more, more students,more teachers, more of everything really. I want to learn more lessons in high school too, but I also want to have fun to.I

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