Importance Of Nutrition In The United States

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Importance of Nutrition in the U.S
Though a lot of us do not think much about it, nutrition is huge part of our lives. As stated in the book, “nutrition is the study of food and nutrients we need to sustain life and reproduce” (pg. 8 Blake, Munoz & Volpe). Despite the importance of nutrition in our daily lives, many are oblivious to the nutritional value of the foods they consume. What drives us to food is “taste and enjoyment, social life and trends, nutrition knowledge, advertising, time, convenience, and cost, habits and emotions” (pg. 4 Blake, Munoz & Volpe). Out of these categories, the ones that stand out the most to me are culture, trends, and advertising due to the impact these have on one of the leading health issues in the United States; obesity.
Although in some cultures obesity is considered a symbol of beauty and wealth, in the United States, obese individuals are perceived as lazy and unhealthy. Despite these negative attitudes towards obesity, America remains one of the most obese countries in the world. For this, we have our culture to blame. Food such as burgers, fries, and hotdogs are often heavily associated with Americans. A big issue with these foods however, is that they are low in nutritional value. To make up for the lack of fruits and vegetables, our culture seems to heavily rely on vitamin supplements. These are great specially for people who want
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As stated in our website, “Oklahoma State University thrives within a culture of wellness” (Americas Healthiest Campus). Our campus does a great job keeping us active with the Colvin and other activities around campus however, we lack in healthy foods. While Jamba Juice can be considered “healthy” due to it being a smoothie place, their smoothies contain quite a bit of sugar and for us to continue being Americas healthiest campus, we must make healthier foods a
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