Importance Of Paternity Leave : The Birth Of A Child

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Maya Durnal
Mrs. Benjamin
English 101
17 October 2016
Importance of Paternity Leave
For most families, the birth of a child is a momentous occasion. New mothers, fathers, and extended family members will gather to celebrate the new addition. Many relatives will extend a helping hand but what a child needs most is his or her parents. Unfortunately, while mom can stay home with the baby, most dads are expected to return to work almost immediately after bringing the infant home. The solution to this predicament is extended paternity leave. With the further development of paternity leave, all members of of the family and even the workplace will benefit.
In the modern age, traditional gender roles are constantly being challenged in the hopes of true equality for both men and women. With the introduction of paternity leave, there will be a greater share of domestic tasks between spouses and equality in the workforce. With fathers at home more, women will have more time to focus on their own careers and will not be solely responsible for the housework. According to Liza Mundy, paternity leave is a “behavior modification tool that boosts male participation in the household, enhances female participation in the labor force, and promotes gender equality in both domains” (16). This concept means that with fathers taking time off work, they are encouraging themselves to take more responsibility at home throughout their lives, not only when they are on leave. In progressive countries
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