Importance Of Personal Writing

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From an early age, I’ve had trouble with writing effectively. I had absolutely no interest in learning to write, which was mostly because of how difficult it was to me. Often, I found it boring. As I got older, I found interest in music and poetry, sparking my interest to learn to write like musicians and poets. Up until that point, I had always been writing papers for school, often to write research papers or to write forced narratives. I never wrote anything for myself until about junior year in high school. I did always enjoy reading intriguing narratives that others didn’t enjoy though, so that’s exactly what I wrote. Even senior year, I was assigned to write a narrative story based around Arthurian legends; I was proud of what I wrote…show more content…
If my audience were a large group of people, my storytelling would be less specific and more focused on telling the overall idea of the story; I like to include some overlying theme in the story. The Arthurian legend that I wrote for class was easy to write and took me about an hour to finish a five-page story. It was for my British literature class in high school. I took all the stereotypes included in Arthurian legends and tried to turn them into the opposite whilst also including them like the rubric said. However, I’m almost the opposite for professional papers. I still prefer free writing my essays, but I must stop every minute or so, just to figure out what to write next. I’ve tried using outlines, but it makes me take longer to write since I would be doing the same stopping and thinking thing that I already do when free writing. My audience influences the way I write professionally since I know that somebody is going to read it. I often make sure that what I say is fully explained, with as much proper grammar as I can use. The best thing about wanting to explain every detail I can is that I don’t like to leave gray area for facts I state; I state the full explanation if I know what I’m talking about. The thing I don’t like about writing professional papers is that usually forced to write about something I really don’t find interesting, which is the biggest determining factor in whether I put time into the composition or not. I prefer the writing
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