Importance Of Persuasive Writing Skills In Writing

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Over the past two years, my persuasive writing skills have remained stagnant and have not grown much since I graduated from high school. The coursework of my chemical engineering classes has focused more on technical writing to convey data and facts to evaluate a hypothesis rather than to persuade a reader to think differently. However, I recognize that persuasive writing has a place in my education, and I am eager to grow my abilities over the course of the semester. In this self-assessment, I will talk about the skills I want to develop and the strategies I will use along the way.
Taking the self-assessment quiz made me realize how out of practice I have become in writing non-technical papers. The first and most important thing that I
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My first drafts are often very cluttered and require a lot of work to shift the pieces around into an order that makes sense and has a natural flow to it. Additionally, if I do not have any direct quotes or sources that I really want to use, I will often write around those sections in my paragraphs requiring me to come back and insert these sources in a later stage of the writing process. Sometimes I cannot find anything good to fit in so the quote can feel forced at times. Also, this addition requires a possible rework of the paragraph to make sure that I am not being redundant or self-contradicting elsewhere in my writing. Identifying these areas of weakness allows for the development of a more focused and effective strategy to improve them. In order to address my weakness in writing persuasive appeals is to put the practice and time into crafting them. I am not going to get better overnight at this skill, so therefore I will need to be meticulous as I hone this skill. I will not allow myself to settle for good enough with my appeals but will instead keep writing into I develop something that is actually worthwhile. I plan to use the methods mentioned on a website I found to improve my persuasive writing and help get my points across. Regarding my body paragraph structure, I plan to make creating an outline a bona fide part of my writing
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