Importance Of Piano Essay

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Now, whenever I am asked, “What’s the best instrument?”, I stare back dumbfounded; the answer is painstakingly obvious. The best instrument is the piano, and it wins the argument by a landslide. Now, before you start to list off all of the instruments that you believe better, listen to the facts, and after you can reform your opinion

For starters, the piano is a familiar instrument to most, and has a great amount of versatility. It is included in a great number of songs nowadays; additionally you can also find it in those released in the past. The piano is a fantastic staple for the performing of any song, as you can adjust your style of play to accommodate different styles of music. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t play different
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Now, you may be thinking right now; “Why would I even care if the piano is the best? How could I learn how to play such a complex instrument?” This is where you are wrong, and if you already know how to play piano, you can definitely agree. Piano is one of the easiest instruments out there, and while this is a matter of opinion, I strongly believe that that is a true statement. First, when you are starting off, all you need to do is press two keys down together and presto; you have already made music. If you put two fingers of one hand down on the keys, while pressing down another with the opposite hand; BOOM! More music has been made. See, the beauty of the piano (and it’s music) is that it is not a necessity to be complex or excessively fast. Sometimes, a slow melody, or a simple one is just as enjoyable. This means that you can play songs that are simple to learn, while still keeping people engaged in your music. On top of that, there are children as young as four playing the piano with ease; if a child can do it, so can you! There have even been people that can play piano without hands. The bottom line is that playing piano is incredibly effortless.

To recount, the piano is truly one of the best instruments out there. There are many pieces of evidence to support this argument, but above all the piano is; an instrument that you can play with ease, regardless of your age; a well-known instrument that is found in a large number in songs,
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