Importance Of Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Education can be described as the acquisition or development of knowledge. In the time of ancient Greeks, people had begun to take it upon themselves to become more educated. For Plato, a Greek Philosopher, education is like a transition from a place of darkness or ignorance into the metaphorical light of knowledge. In this essay, Plato’s Allegory of the cave will be defined and explained in order to show a clear understanding of this story. In addition to this, the different components of this myth will also be discussed in practical terms in order to connect the story to real life as well as show its relevance to education in South Africa.
As humans, we all have the capacity to become more knowledgeable, however, not everyone puts in the extra effort or is open to this change. For Plato, education is more than just being familiar with what is in your immediate physical surroundings, it includes the spiritual or philosophical knowledge. The Allegory of the cave is a parable or teaching story in which human ignorance towards this spiritual knowledge is one of the main aspects or messages. The characters and setting are used as symbols to give meaning to the allegory. The different components of this story are actually symbolic for the real world which will be discussed at a later stage. Socrates, who was one of the influences behind Plato’s theory, spoke of similar types of information that will assist in making sense of the allegory of the
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In education, teachers should be armed with both practical and theoretical or philosophical knowledge in order to provide a fair and honest education to learners. In the South African context, teachers are often biased towards one or the other and in the eyes of Plato, are not fit to hold these
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