Importance Of Poetry For Students

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Poetry as a Literary Tool to Foster Students' Identities
Poetry serves as a powerful literary tool to foster students' individual identities and creativity. As Duncan-Andrade and Morrell (2002) argue, there are countless possibilities for educators to jump outside of the box and create more powerful connections with traditional academic text. Poetry can provide language practice in a context that is relaxing and comfortable for the students, a context that is different to their everyday classroom routines. The process of creating a poem also provides the students with opportunities to challenge beliefs about literacy and poetry-making (Smith, 2010). Literary tools such as writing provide an opportunity for cultural groups to relabel their own experiences and support in the multicultural understanding of literature. Moreover, poetry acts as a unique vehicle for practice in oral language skill development, especially for English Language learners (ELLs) (Hanauer, 2011). Poetry provides a safe space for students, challenges their traditional academic practices, and allows them to explore and narrate their multicultural identities.
A Safe and Comfortable Space for Students
The inclusion of poetry in the classroom can support language practice in a comfortable and encouraging environment. In the case of Katherine Keil, a high school teacher, a comfortable space was also created outside of the classroom (Keil, 2005). She initiated an annual "Java Monkey" coffeehouse where
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