Importance Of Practical Theology And Short Term Missions Essay

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Overview of the chapter early stated X The author does uses the first few pages to state the overview of the chapter. In this overview the author has included enough information explaining Christian missions and how should be done, how missions are being seen in our generation, some discrepancies related to missions, the importance of practical theology, how to improve the practice of short-term missions, the true purpose of missions, and important concept definitions to understand the study or dissertation 's importance, and perspective. The chapter has specific subtopics where the author expand on the topics already mentioned. Nature and scope of the problem under investigation X Here 's a quote from the dissertation "This first chapter explores the concept of the term missio Dei ...this discussion is followed by an exploration of the decline of the missio Dei due to North American 's failure to observe the ␣dangerous memory␣10 of Jesus Christ. Finally, this chapter discusses what it means to practice, or do, the missio Dei. Practical theology and short-term missions are emphasized as critical components to accomplishing the missio Dei (Jackson, 2015). From this quote the reader has stated the scope of the problem that is under investigation. The author breaks down the scope of the problem with a series of paragraphs and individual sections, or subtopics, to emphasize different issues, including possible reasons as of why this lack or decline of Christian

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