Importance Of Printer In Every Building

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Printers in Every Building
When students first enter college, they don’t think of all the slight problems that they will encounter. Students typically just think about greater problems. For instance, moving out of their home for the first time, or how to pay for college. The minor problems are usually not thought about. For example, not having a printer in the place where you are living is inconvenient. Students work on assignments every single day, and some professors don’t like to use the online way, and they would rather students to turn in hard copies of the assignments that they did. Therefore, the university should provide at least one printer in each building.
Having a printer in every building would mostly be there for convenience,
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Other people might say that the only reason this is suggested is because students are lazy and procrastinating, and they should walk to the printer, or finish their assignment fast. This is true it’s not hard to walk over there, and having a printer is mostly for convenience, but having a printer closer would be safer for students. They also can’t finish an assignment fast sometimes because we have other things to do. Students must attend class, work, and still do homework, plus many other activities that students are involved in like band, sports, drama, clubs and other extracurricular activities like that. Students are busy all the time. They usually study at night time and finish assignments late. Although, some students do wait till last minute some don’t. Some students are just busy, and study at night time to do homework. It is more common for a student to finish a paper at night then in the day. The library is open until midnight because students study late. There are printers in the library, but some students do not have a car, and would rather not walk over there that late in the night. Some people prefer to study in their rooms, but when they finish it is a dilemma to figure out where to print their paper out.
Printers are also necessary because some professors prefer hard copies. Hard copies are less problematic because they will not get deleted, and they could just hold on to a copy without struggling to find each person.
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