Importance Of Project Governance And Organizational Structure

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Project Governance The importance of Project Governance Project Governance and Organizational structure are What is Governance and Why Do We Need it? Governance and organizational structure are two matters that may be considered the pillar of every large scale project. Governance is the one process that gives a suitable framework for decision making and managerial action inside an organization that should be based on transparency, accountability and defined roles. In addition, it gives a plain distinction between ownership and task control. It helps setting limits for management acts by defining goals as well as the means by which they should be fulfilled. In the absence of a proper governance structure, organizations would take risks in terms of conflicts and inconsistencies between different means of reaching goals and therefore causing costly repercussions that impact negatively on the running of the project but also on the profitability. (Muller, 2009) Project Governance Project governance might be considered a surveillance function that is aligned with the organization’s governance and which contains the project life cycle. Project governance frameworks helps the project manager with structure, processes, decision making models as well as it provides tools for managing a project. It also provides a consistent way of controlling the project while making sure of its success by documenting and communicating secure project practices. A project’s governance can be
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