Importance Of Project Management For Construction

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Introduction Construction Management is not a new idea. The function of the Construction Manager is to work on behalf of the owner to complete a project within the plans and specifications provided. In the last few years construction practices have changed dramatically. Technology, materials, government bureaucracy, financing, design, and engineering have all advanced. With the complexity of the construction process increasing, owners demand accountability and accurate guidance during the entire planning and construction process. The importance of project management to construction derives from the nature of how the industry’s business activities are conducted. Project managers in construction are responsible for the overall success of…show more content…
Whilst these factors are sometimes different to the generic model, there is more that they have in common. Many of these have important implications for the role of project managers in the industry. According to J.M. Kamara, G. Augenbroe, C.J. Anumba, P.M. Carrillo, (2002) Project management (PM) is now recognized as a core business concern and intellectual assets play a vital role in gaining competitive advantage. Within the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, where the need for innovation and improved business performance requires the effective deployment and utilization of project knowledge, the need for strategic knowledge management is also being acknowledged. This paper reviews various initiatives for PM in order to assess the extent to which it is being implemented in the AEC sector. Contextual issues are identi. ed, and the findings from two research projects are used to assess current strategies for PM in AEC firms. These studies show that effective knowledge management requires a combination of both mechanistic and organic approaches in an integrated approach that incorporates both technological and organizational/cultural issues. The paper concludes with recommendations on how this could be achieved in practice. Statement of the Problem There are a number of common obstacles to project completion
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