Importance Of Project Management For Nurse Students

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This assignment tended to teach practical skill of project management for Nurse Informaticist student. Nurse informaticist student examined various project in healthcare literatures that are published and interviewed an experienced person who handled projects in healthcare industry. The interview and the literature provided a step-by-step process how to identify a project, set up goals that could be achievable, and meet the goal. With this stimulated discussion that is real-life scenario, the writer has gained lessons that will apply and reflect the skill in the future healthcare projects. Project management is an important skill for any industry but for healthcare it is a way of improving patient’s lives, and health. Project management also helps to save healthcare industries a lot of money by effectively applies resources. So analyzing the important skills by interview and reading literatures is valuable for nurse informatics student. The Context of the Interview This interview took place in the state government inpatient psychiatric hospital where the interviewee and the interviewer practice. The interviewer made an appointment with the interviewee and met with the interviewee in her office to discuss the interview questions. The interviewer chooses this interviewee because the interviewee handles multiple large and small projects. The project that is handled by the interviewee related to various contexts such as some physical modification of the organization,
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