Importance Of Provision For Horses

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Housing A 12x12 feet covered area is required for each adult horse. Stable should be easy to clean and disinfect. Drains are important source of infection and so should be treated accordingly. Stables should be warm and dry with provision of adequate drainage. Adequate ventilation is essential with good air circulation. Lighting is also important; lack of proper lighting may be a potential danger for persons entering the stable and will necessarily limit the efficiency of any examination and procedure. Provision of fresh water must be available at all times. Feed and fodder should be placed in area, where the possibility of faecal or urinary contamination is less. Water buckets should be cleaned and refilled daily. There should…show more content…
Grooming increases the friendship of rider/handler with the horse and improves nature of horse. In fair and hot weather conditions, horse should be given a bath on regular intervals. Horse’s hooves are prone to deposition of mud and faecal materials. They need regular examination and cleaning, otherwise there will be higher chances of lameness and infection of frog. Horse’s eyes should also need to be cleaned at regular intervals or daily to avoid deposition of dust and whitish exudates in eyes and obstruction of nasolacrimal duct. 2.3 HANDLING AND RESTRAINING Horses are very intelligent creatures, they need to be approached very friendly, for clinical examination and treatment, and horses cannot be handled with force. It will be better to first get acquainted with horse by taking brief history of the horse from its owner. Approach horse from right or left side near to its face, first touch and move your hand on face or neck of horse with talking to horse. Wait and watch the reaction of horse, especially the direction of its ears, marwari horses turn their ears backward when they are unhappy with their handlers. A new equine handler should keep in mind that horse can attack a handler by biting, attacking with front legs, kicking by both hind legs and by its head too. One front leg of horse should be kept high near to horse’s body by bending the leg on its knee joint for safe examination of horse. A horse handler should wear good shoes, because horse can also press
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