Importance Of Punctuality In The Army

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Life of a soldier is run by strict set of rules that every soldier is compelled to follow right from the beginning of their army training. Some of the most important maxims of army life include, being punctual, always prepared and of course, being able to manage your time in an effective manner. These maxims are strictly followed in the army and if a soldier fails to meet anyone of these maxims then he or she can be punished according to the American military’s Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). However, these qualities are respected in a man regardless of their profession in life. Being punctual in your job, prepared for your meeting and managing your time can improve your relations with others and pave way for your success.
Punctuality in the Army
A soldier is always expected to be on time, being late can be problematic not only for him but also for his brothers in arms. The reason army lays such great importance to punctuality is because when the soldier has to enter the real life battlefield then there is no relaxation for laziness. Even a minute late to a specific rally point can be the difference between life and death. Consider a situation where a soldier has to provide supporting fire to cover for his friend, if the soldier does to not strictly obey time then there is a good chance that his friend would be in life threatening trouble.
The army has a set of rules in place to ensure that the quality of punctuality is integrated into the personalities of the

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