Importance Of Quantitative Research

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Quantitative research determines two variables dependent and independent. The research method deals with the logic, numbers, and objective of the research study. Quantitative research focuses the unchanging and numeric data and convergent reasoning except reasoning of divergent method. The characteristics of quantitative research include; data is collected by using instruments of structured research. The results depend over the sample size which shows the knowledge of population regarding the topic. Research study might get repetition according to high reliability. There are different questions and the researcher clearly understands different seeking methods regarding to the answers of those questions. The researcher must carefully design the all aspects and steps of research before collecting the data. The project can be use to predict the future results, to generalise the concepts and to investigate the causal relationship regarding the research. There are different tools of collecting the data such as computer software and questionnaires papers. The main aim of using this method in research study is to organise the features and construction of statistical model. Quantitative method is not easy to implement in any research method therefore, researcher must focus upon different terms of collecting data (Ritchie, Lewis, Nicholls & Ormston, 2013). For surveys of big data analytics in healthcare sectors, researcher used the quantitative method and also data statistical is
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