Importance Of Reading Literature Makes Us Better People

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Does Reading Literature Make Us Better People?
As technology advances, methods of learning also go with it, however, it is not always the best route to go. Today’s generation focuses more on learning and involving technology in their education. Now a day, teens are reading more on their phone than physical books. Literature has been gaining importance of preservation because teens are abandoning it and are leaning more towards gossip articles. In “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer,” an article written by Annie Murphy Paul, asservates the importance of preserving Literature because of the benefits its brings to the upcoming generations. Reading literature makes us better people because it improves the capability of the mind, helps us empathize, and paves the way for understanding perspectives. The capability of the mind depends on the effort someone puts in order to improve their understanding. To understand literature, it takes practice because of the hidden messages you must decode to genuinely understand the theme or moral of the story. Deep readers, also known as literature readers, often develops the skills of “reading with reflection, analysis and their own memories and opinions,” due to their combination of slow and fast reading to better understand what it is they are reading(Annie Murphy Paul, “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer”). Learning to decode the messages takes a lot of practice, however it unlocks the ability of the brain to

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