Importance Of Recommendations Based On Meeting

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Recommendations Based on Meeting Notes On February 26, 2017, our ABC company had a meeting. Many topics were covered during this time however, one important factor was covered and that is the complexity of our managers and their understanding of achieving and non-achieving departments. Based on the for success not only for their team but also for our company. Establishing High Performance Teams To get optimum performance of your teams, you’ll have to keep monitoring and examining how you’re leading those teams. It’s a delicate balance, and requires more work than most managers are willing to put in. However, done well, you’ll have your teams thanking you for your outstanding leadership. (The 5 Top Reasons Business Teams Fail, n.d.)…show more content…
Having all team members involved makes a stronger team. Their self-esteems are a lot higher and they can rely on each other more. This reverts to the trust discussion, if there is no trust there will be no communication thus, the team will start to diminish. All members of the self-directed team need to work toward a common goal. When each member works toward a different goal, the project faces failure. This occurs when the goal of the team is not clearly identified at the beginning. However, when the group defines the goal at the first meeting, the team's potential for success increases. Each member takes action to move the project forward and the team tracks its progress toward the ultimate goal. (What Characteristics Are Necessary to Make a Self-Directed Team Work?, n.d.) Recommendations As a manager, you must learn to accept that your team’s success is your success and their failures are just yours. There is no such thing as bad Indians it’s the Chief that is the problem. The main responsibility of the manager is to assure your team that they are capable of uniting as one entity. If there are issues within the group you must solve them immediately, the goal of having your team is be successful so that the company can have that success. Communication is key to solve any issues. Make certain that communication within the team and

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