Importance Of Reflection In Writing

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In the first draft of my Project 1, I had a bit a difficulty understanding what the prompt was asking of me. I had to analyze my the entire page and have any idea of how I wanted to answer the question. From there I wanted to give a general definition of communicating and transition that idea to writing. I thought I did very well in setting up the entire essay, but after that first paragraph, I progressively started getting tired and kept adding grammatical mistakes to my paper. As a result, my ideas started fading away and a whole mess of paragraphs of each different strategy from each source touched down on the page. I forgot to add quotes, so my ideas had no reliable source, I added 2 long and irrelevant stories about my summer before sophomore year of high school and how I help my father put together chairs for a dinner party. I also didn’t understand the fact that the narrative and reflection were 2 different essays of the same project. I thought the narrative was supposed to transition to the reflection in one essay. It was a long day and I had to stay on campus until 9:30 for a lab. When I completed my initial draft, I was just glad that it was done and didn’t add another sentence until after the peer review. After the peer review, I received a lot of the same conclusions I found on my own. From the lack of quotes to the difficulty of understanding the message, I truly benefited from the experience. I also benefited from correcting my other classmate's paper since I

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