Importance Of Reflection On Child Development

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This play-based activity involved a table that had various elements to explore various sounds. Amelia was guided to the table where another child was already present by the educator that she had an attachment with. Amelia and the other child were babbling back and forth to one another. When both children wanted to play with the same instrument, the educator let the children try to resolve it themselves or intervened when needed. In this activity, Amelia was able to develop her social skills by joining in play and cooperating with another child through her relationship with the trusted educator.

Reflection of assessment practice

Moles (2012, p. 1) discusses that reflection on assessment of practice is essential for educators to seek a different perspective of their teaching practices from others through feedback, consider strengths and challenges in their teaching and build on their knowledge as educators (Miller 2011, p. 5; Moles 2012, p. 1).
In the VEYLDF (2016, p. 8), it discusses that educators can support children’s development by gathering information such as their interests and consider them when planning learning experiences. What worked well in the implementation of the program for Amelia was the information gained from her father which was used in the planning process. By forming a partnership with Amelia’s father, I was able to gain knowledge of Amelia’s interests, what she did on the weekend and learnt simple words in Bosnian. Bickley (2008, p. 1) supports
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