Importance Of Religion In The Middle Ages

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Religious freedom was very important in the Middle Ages and still is currently. Our societies are built on freedom. In the Middle Ages religious freedom was not accepted like it is today and many wars and conflicts in history occurred because of diversity and different views on religion. Religion has a huge impact on society, and most of it is negative impact. Freedom of religion, or religious freedom, is the right to choose a religion, or no religion, without the inference of the government. Christianity was the main religion in Europe’s royalty, nobility, and most of the general working population and was brought to England in 597 AD. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe. Bishops and archbishops were leading people in the government. Because of the church’s penalized a number of religious offenses like heresy, sorcery, apostasy and sexual sins. Islam was established in 622 AD and was a dominant religion in the Middle East. The Jews, or the followers of Judaism, were settled throughout Europe and were mostly workers, tradespeople, merchants and farmers, despite their minority. Many people who fight over religion, do not follow the real meanings and teachings of that religion. What they follow is nothing but pseudo religion. All fights over religion have not been approved by saints (messengers of god). Instead, those with power encouraged and threatened the uneducated folk to fight to go to heaven and wash away their sins. Religion,
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