Importance Of Religious And Spiritual / Philosophical Beliefs On My Life

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Packet Questions #11 Describe your religious/spiritual/philosophical beliefs at this time in your life and how you formulated these beliefs. My religious/spiritual/philosophical beliefs in this time of my life are that I was raised to think I was catholic, but now, religion does not play a part of my life. I think what caused me to stop believing in religion was when I was still with my father, and I would pray to God to help me to leave him and stop being so depressed, but I felt that it never worked. As I studied different religions, and what they believe in, I realized that I didn’t agree with many of the beliefs. I came to a conclusion that I don’t need to depend on a religion to make a change in my life, but I am in control of my outcome. Even though I don’t believe in any religion, believe in good ethics, such as being respectful, and good to people. Packet Questions #12 My biggest fear(s) is/are _____ because _______ Some of my biggest fears are losing people I care about, and not being in control of something. One of my biggest fears is losing the relationships of people I care about, even if it’s harmful to me, both psychologically, and emotionally. I feel this way, because I think that relationships are important, and I want to try to keep them, but I tend to sacrifice my own needs, thoughts, and opinions to keep that relationship, such as when I was friends with Lexi, I let her talk me into not making good decisions, only so I could keep her friendship.
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