Importance Of Research In Health And Social Care

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In this assignment, I will be defining and discussing the purpose and importance of research in health and social care. I will also be including some examples used in health and social care sciences by comparing different types of research, as well as the main research methodologies.
Research is a way of finding out improved ways to prevent and treat diseases. According to (moule, P. and hek, G.) research is a systematic approach to gathering information for the purpose of answering questions and solving problems in the pursuit of creating new knowledge about health and social care.
“Doctors and healthcare professionals know a great deal about health, disease and treatments, but there are still some things that are unknown. Research can help find answers to things that are unknown, filling gaps in knowledge and changing the way that doctors and healthcare professionals deliver care” (, 2017) The purpose and importance of research in health and social care is for establishing patterns and statistics, exploring patterns of disease, feedback from service users, exploring theories, to extend understanding of theories and reviewing and monitoring changes in practice. (Assignments Writing - Help For Students, 2017)
The main research in methodologies are quantitive and qualitative. Quantitive research means observing trends and patterns in data, sampling polls and questionnaires. Qualitative research is Informal observation, formal observation and structured or
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