Importance Of Risk Management In Homeland Security

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The security of our nation depends on our ability to manage and address the risk, which is why Risk Management plays an important role in our Homeland Security. To ensure the success of our nation in today’s ever-changing world we must maintain the stability or our country. Our safety is constantly exposed to a number of threats and hazards to our Homeland Security like natural disasters, manmade accidents, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, health epidemics, the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and illegal immigrants to the country. adequately. Assessing and evaluating the risks and vulnerabilities does not only lay on our Department of Homeland Security. Other organizations within our department and outside of it are also task to conduct risk analysis. The risk management role within the Homeland Security is a shared effort that is crucial for all the departments to understand and manage the immeasurable risks to our Homeland Security. The importance of Risk Management is the main principle for establishing Homeland Security plans, tactics, actions, and efforts.
Another role of Risk management within the Department of Homeland Security Enterprise is to examine and substantiate all missions conducted by the department. The procedures are managed by the department and they require all of its counterparts to be involved in it. This process help the nation to react, defend, diminish, counteract, and recuperate, from exposures faster. To make this process work the Department of
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