Importance Of Salary Information

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Checking salary information You can also use the indeed platform to clever company research. The platform is a great place to find salary information for specific companies and industries. This can be useful when applying for jobs, preparing for salary negotiations or thinking about your career progression. You can search for salary information based on: • The company • The specific role In order to search salary information on the platform you need to: 1. Go to the home page. 2. On the top centre, you’ll find a link that says Find Salaries. Click on it. 3. Write the job title or the employer’s name into the search field and click Search. 4. You’ll go into a page that displays information regarding your search function.…show more content…
Private resume – it won’t be visible to employers but it will be available to attach automatically to a job application. The benefit of private resume: Good if you’re already employed and you don’t want your current employer to find out you’re looking for jobs. Public resume – employers can view the resume when they search for candidates. The benefit of public resume – hiring managers can reach out to you and suggest roles you might not have otherwise noticed. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to conduct the following functions: • You can view your resume and edit it at any time. • You can download the resume as PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML and Word. • You can share your resume with employers • You can use it to apply for jobs. How to upload your resume If you want to upload your existing resume on the platform, you need to do follow these simple steps: 1. Sign in and you’ll see a link called CV on the top right corner once you’ve logged on. 2. Select the Upload CV by clicking it. 3. Find your CV from your files and upload it on to the system. 4. Edit your resume if needed. 5. Click on the View Resume button and you’ll see the final version of the resume. 6. Click the Save button and your resume will be uploaded into the system. How to create a resume on the platform You can also create your resume from scratch. Again, when you’ve signed in you can click the CV link on the top right corner of the page and follow the
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