Importance Of School Setting In The Kite Runner

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The novel, The Kite Runner, should be challenged in school settings because it includes actual historical events to entertain readers, when relatable struggles were occurring outside of the book. For example, "Soviet troops moved into Afghanistan in December 1979" ( ICAH 1). They were led by Osama Bin Laden, who later joined the Taliban in invading Afghanistan and Pakistan. The book says, " December 1979, … Russian tanks would roll into the very same streets where Hassan and I played" (Hosseini 36). The author of The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini, does in fact use real life occurrences in his novel and this proves it, as the reasoning for Amir and Baba evacuating Afghanistan was because of the Russian invasion. Although the author uses this as a source of setting development, this was a real-life situation, and it should not be included in a form of entertainment. Furthermore, according to ICAH, the Taliban were “ Islamic extremist faction that captured Kabul, the Afghan capital, in September 1996.” Again, Hosseini used this historically accurate piece in his work of literature. Throughout the majority of the novel, Hosseini describes the Taliban as a group of heartless people that commit gruesome acts. When Amir first encounters them in person, he was thinking, “But here I was now, less than fifty feet from them, telling myself that the sudden taste in my mouth wasn’t unadulterated, naked fear. Telling myself my flesh hadn’t suddenly shrunk against my bones and my

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