Importance Of School Uniforms Essay

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Have you ever found yourself going through your closet trying to find something to wear to school the next day? School uniforms are beneficial because first of all, with school uniforms students will fit in with their school and everyone. Second, school uniforms help schools recognize those who do and do not belong on campus. And third, they are cheaper than normal clothes. Some might think that they are boring, but the thing is that school have them in different colors which could make it fun for the students.
The first reason why school uniforms are beneficial is because if students wear school uniforms, they will fit in with their school and other students. This means that students will feel equal and some won’t feel like they don’t fit
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New shoes add about $130 to the tab” was said by the author Leah Ingram in the article “How School Uniforms Can Save Money”. Rich people wouldn’t care to spend that much money on back to school clothes, but how about the middle and lower class people? They probably have other expenses and don’t want to spend much on school uniforms. This would be good for them and for the rich too, so they don’t go around wasting their money.
Some school have had problems about students from other school being on campus. Well school uniforms have a solution for that. With school uniforms, school could recognize those who belong and those who don’t belong to the school. School uniforms could also help school identify the students from school when they go on field trips. For example if a student that doesn’t belong to a school is walking around that school with bad intentions, teachers or other could recognize it and catch them or kick them out of campus. By having students wearing uniforms schools could probably be safer and there would be less crime in school.
Some people might not like uniforms and think that they are a bad idea. For example the author of the article “Why Wearing a School Uniform Can Be a Bad Idea” said “It can be costly to buy school uniforms. Some schools specify a certain manufacturer or store in order to ensure uniformity, making it harder to find competitive pricing. Other schools may have a variety of uniforms, some for
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