Importance Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms are not necessary By, Angel Thompson Do you like school uniforms? I know I don’t. I think that boys and girls are just getting taught to cover up their body and not be who they are. Did you know there's only 19 percent of public schools that wear school uniforms? I believe that school uniforms should not be necessary. Some people can’t afford school uniforms. If kids can’t afford school uniforms then they can’t go to that school. Maybe most kids don’t like uniforms because maybe they don’t have money and they can’t get more than one set. Studies show that “A student is attending school 6 days a week, he/she would need more sets of uniforms. And if he/she does not have enough money to buy them, he/she would need to wash his/her existing uniform every day to prepare for the next day.” If you went to a school that had uniforms and you knew you didn't have a lot of money what would you do? Would you spend money on getting your kid a uniform or would you move schools to save money? Did you know that some schools have uniforms just because girls draw attention from boys just because of what they wear? A lot of schools are sexist because they have uniforms just because of girls. What if a boy wears a shirt that is cut on the side and is very low in the front and it shows a lot more than girls can show. I mean If a girl wears a shirt to school that shows her stomach then they will have a very high chance of getting dress coded. But boys would have a low chance because a lot of schools are sexist that's why they have uniforms. I believe that schools that have uniforms are just teaching kids to not wear what they want and not be who they are because they can't show through there style. If you have to wear the same or similar clothes to everyone else in the school is just showing that everyone is the same but they're not. According to, it said “One huge disadvantage of school uniforms is that students will not be able to show their personality through clothing. Directly connected to the first mentioned disadvantage, children and teens cannot (or will have difficulties too) demonstrate their personal sense of style.” Each person

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