Importance Of Self Discipline

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Importance of mastering self-discipline Lack of discipline equals letting our lives be controlled by our emotions Allows us to live the lives we want to Credibility Temptations around us within an arm’s reach Obesity Unhealthy living Choices, bad choices can lead to addictive behaviors Self-control, willingness Acceptance and commitment approach to behavior change Rationale Statement of reasons that identify the purpose and audience of topic Ending on a positive note, inspiring instead of discouraging individuals Patience,strength,Restraint Discipline Stop think In the form of music because young adults rarely watch documentaries or videos about discipline Appropriate technique of making the song catchy Why I chose discipline shaped identity A character trait I feel that I possess but constantly needs to be exercised Ex. Healthy eating, why I made some of my lyrics (sweet tooth) Observing parents and how important it is to discipline children and how discipline can determine how successful an individual is in academics, extra curricular and life. Inner strength I’ve chosen to write my song about discipline because the importance of this character trait is something I feel many don’t truly understand. Growing up, my parents enforced discipline over and over again. I wasn’t allowed to play before finishing piano and homework and I had to ask every time to eat candy or sweets. I’m not saying it was easy, it was probably the opposite
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