Importance Of Self Driving Cars

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One reason we should have self driving cars is because they are a lot safer than regular cars. According to a Business Insider article, “Driverless cars are designed to have almost a superhuman-like ability to recognize the world around them.” This shows that they are a lot safer than regular cars because it says they have a “superhuman ability” This is way better than just a regular driver. The way these cars work is by having cameras on all sides, so this “ability” is a reference to the cars getting all that information from the cameras at once. A regular driver can only see what’s in front of them if they are looking forwards, but a self driving car could actually see 365° around them. This is much better than a person driving the car…show more content…
Let’s say that we theoretically took all teenage drivers off the road and put them in self-driving cars. These are America’s newest drivers with the least experience on the road, so think about how many less accidents there would be. If this is what self-driving cars could do in Phoenix, think about what they could do all over the rest of the world.

Another reason we should have self-driving cars is because they are better for the environment. In an article by Business Insider, Cadie Thompson says “Because cars will be automated, there will be less chance of accidents caused by human error, leading to less traffic congestion.” This would be good for the environment because less traffic means cars spend less time on the road. Some people get stuck in traffic for hours at a time, which means their car is producing a lot of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and that is very bad for the environment. Less of these traffic jams would mean that cars would produce a lot less CO2. Imagine that you are driving to work and get stuck in a traffic jam. You could go through almost a whole tank of gas just waiting to get through it! But then, you get to the front just to realize that a bad driver ran into the median and totaled his car. You just released a lot of CO2 into the air because someone crashed their car. And you don't want to have to do that, do you? Self-driving cars would not make these mistakes, you would spend less time in traffic, leading to less CO2 emissions. Another reason
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