Importance Of Self Reflection In Fielding's 'Diary Helen Fielding'

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Self reflection is something everyone does on a day to day basis. The way a person thinks about their self really alters their personality, but that is not the only thing it affects. Through self reflection a person can exacerbate insecurities. Insecurities tend to be an obstacle when it comes to love. Self reflection can have a positive or negative affect on one's love life. In the novel Bridget Jones’s Diary Helen Fielding’s main character Bridget, writes about how there are many things about her lifestyle that she would like to change. In fact, majority of her storyline involves countless references to her insecurities, which is not healthy. To many, Bridget is known as a sexist portrayal of pathetic, desperate woman, while to others she is looked at as a feminist icon. The novel demonstrates the themes self reflection and insecurities so well, because it is about an insecure girl who is just looking for love, but doesn’t quite love herself just yet. Fielding entwines these two themes to show how women perceive themselves through self reflection and how much it impacts their self esteem. Her main character, Bridget demonstrates how hard it is to be a girl in today’s society because we are so brainwashed by what we are “supposed” to be.
Bridget is a very lonely girl that drinks heavily and smokes cigarettes often. In fact, at the top of every diary entry she lists what her alcohol intake and cigarette count is, along with her weight, and her calorie intake. Bridget is
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