Importance Of Separation Of Power

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Since the beginning of America, our founding fathers have created the Constitution. It became clear that a country running on a democracy system must divide the powers within the government and its people. The people are able to vote for a candidate either as the president or any other government official while the government creates the laws to keep order. This is where the Separations of Power comes in. The Separation of Powers allow each of the three branches ( Legislative, Executive, and Judicial) of the government to look after each other assigning each branch to look after each other. This is called Checks and Balances. You could say it is the “ basis for our government “ ( Schifino 4). This is important to the united states as it does not authorize the government to have too much power. Each branch has a specific role to partake in the government. No branch can “encroach on the authority of another branch” ( O’CONNELL 898 ).The problem is certain branches may have more power than other branches. The Judicial branch establishes the supreme court and defines jurisdiction meaning they have the official power to make legal decisions and judgment . They consist of federal courts and makes decisions on laws that deal with the federal government. They can declare the laws created by the legislative unconstitutional giving them power over the Legislative Branch. Not only that, they have power over the Judicial branch by being able to issue a warrant to the executive branch
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