Importance Of Service Learning Experiences On The Understanding Of Cultural Competence

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Cultural Competence
Nursing is a dynamic field that is frequently evolving with the changing demographics of the world we live in today. It is important for nurses to have the ability to provide culturally competent care with every patient encounter. Providing culturally competent care is not possible unless the nurse has an understanding of the ethnic background (Flowers, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the meaning of the term cultural broker and the phrase “think globally, act locally” and how the answer to each of the terms has changed from 10 months ago. This paper will also analyze the significance of service learning experiences plays on the understanding of cultural competence.
Cultural Broker: “Think Globally, Act Locally” A cultural broker is someone who is able to communicate cross culturally about decisions that need to be made in order to reject or accept something (Pipher, 2002, p. 89). A cultural broker can be someone such as a teacher, a social worker, a case manager, a nurse or a guidance counselor. Cultural brokers help refugees or new citizens adapt to a different culture and way of life. Cultural brokers also help new citizens apply for insurance, apply for jobs, find them housing, show them to the nearest grocery store and assist them in adapting to a new country. Cultural brokers often are associated with the phrase “think globally, act locally.” This phrase means incorporating the new citizens past culture into their
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