Importance Of Social And Cultural Concerns In School Counseling

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It is essential for school counselors to become culturally sensitive and to take the time to understand the diverse population at their schools by reflecting on their own cultural awareness. I believe that all students are entitle to a proper education. In my class Social and Cultural Concerns in School Counseling, I gained knowledge on how important it is to be aware of our own bias and prejudices within all the different cultural background from our students. I find it important to continue to learn more about each culture to get a better idea of why and how students think a certain way, as different cultures value education differently. For example, in the Native American culture, it is valuable to incorporate the student’s family (whomever the student identifies as their family) when dealing with hard situations in order to have a better outcome. Therefore, it is also important to be mindful of culture sensitivity and maintain that level of comfort in a professional manner to better serve our students. Schools are educational institutes that may have a diverse population depending on the area. As far as University High, the student population is culturally diverse, serving approximately five hundred twenty-four students, of which the majority are Hispanic. University High is a college prep high school and in order to be granted admission, students must summit an essay and take a test. Therefore, all students are one hundred percent proficient in English and do not have any limitations to their learning environment. But, since University High is house with Tolleson Union High School, there is a more diverse population, including those with limited English and learning disabilities.
Human Growth and Development When I considered pursuing a Master degree in School Counseling, I always envision to work in the high school level because I really want to make a difference in the student’s decision in their post-secondary years. I am first generation attending college and feel this gives me a strong opportunity for students to relate, as I am aware of barriers they may face. I think that adolescents in high school need extra guidance as they face different challenges such as self-identiy, relationships, and
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